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Partner's general description and participants


The Main Inspectorate of Plant Health and Seed Inspection

The Main Inspectorate of Plant Health and Seed Inspection (GIORIN) – the main unit of the State Plant Health and Seed Inspection Service (SPHSIS). SPHSIS is the national plant protection organization under the meaning of IPPC and responsible official body according to Council Directive 2000/29/EC. The Service is responsible for three areas: supervision of plant health, supervision of the use and marketing the plant protection products and supervision of production and marketing of seed material. The tasks of the Service are carried out at the central level by the Main Inspector supported by the Main Inspectorate and at the regional level by the 16 regional inspectorates. The control activities performed by the Service are based on the laboratory analysis conducted by the official laboratories network operating within the Service structure, consisting of 16 regional and 1 central laboratory. Up to day, 12 laboratories of 17 are accredited according to ISO/IEC 17025 standard. The main diagnostic unit of the SPHSIS is the Central Laboratory of the Main Inspectorate (CL GIORIN) with the function of reference laboratory in the phytosanitary field.
CL GIORIN is responsible for:
- Co-ordination of the diagnostic network of the Service
- Development of official diagnostic protocols for Poland
- Validation/verification of methods used in the SPHSiS diagnostic network
- Organization of the training courses for SPHSiS staff
- Organization of PT according to ISO 17043- at least 4-6 per year (no accreditation yet) for SPHSiS diagnostic network
- Preparation of reference material
- Confirmation of results when required (e.g. new finding of plant pest in particular laboratory, doubtful diagnostic result)
- Co-operation with research units and laboratories
- Support for inspectors (e.g. elaboration of leaflets, guidelines)
- Supervision and control of regional laboratories activity
- Verification of testing results (replicate tests or retesting of stored samples by CL) for assuring the quality of tests in the framework of SPHSIS.

Role and participation in the project

The CL will participate in all WPs except WP3 and WP5.



Hanna Baginska quality manager at the Central Laboratory GIORIN, responsible for co-ordination and supervision of the activity of the SPHSIS laboratory network in the field of phytosanitary diagnostics and co-ordination of inter-laboratory comparisons/proficiency testing organized by the Central Laboratory for laboratories of SPHSiS diagnostic network.


Janina Butrymowicz, PhD in mycology and plant pathology. She has more than 30 years of experience in phytosanitary diagnostics, especially mycology, and the management of a diagnostic laboratory (phytosanitary diagnostics, GMO analyses, plant protection products residues) and development of Quality Assurance System for accreditation according to ISO 17025. Deputy Head of the Central Laboratory GIORIN.


Joanna Guenter has prepared PhD thesis on “Mapping cis elements determining spatial organisation of chromatin of bovine and human tyrosine hydroxylase gene”. Authoring and co-authoring more than 15 peer reviewed publications, she has expertise in the field of molecular biology, biochemistry and genetics.


Anna Kolodziejska is a main specialist in the field of plant pathology, especially bacteriology, and head of the bacteriology unit at Central Laboratory GIORIN. With a Master’s Degree in Biology) she started her career in Central Laboratory in 2001. She has experience in bacteriology and wide knowledge of methods applied for detection and identification of regulated bacteria.


Anna Rosińska is a virologist in the Central Laboratory GIORIN. Anna holds a master's degree in experimental and molecular biology and she began her career at the Central Laboratory in 2014. She is involved in a diagnostics of plant viruses, viroids and phytoplasmas.

Grażyna SZKUTA

Grażyna Szkuta, PhD is a senior specialist and mycologist. Grażyna has 26 years of experience in diagnostics of fungi and fungi-like organisms. She contributed more than 50 scientific publications in peer-reviewed journals. She is the head of the mycology unit at Central Laboratory GIORIN.

EU H2020
This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement n°773139.

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