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Partner's general description and participants


Loewe Biochemica GmbH

LOEWE Biochemica GmbH was established in 1988 as a privately held company. Since almost 30 years the company is specialized in the development and production of premium diagnostic reagents for the detection of plant pathogens, covering methods from ELISA to molecular detection assays. Our main directive is to offer solutions for plant disease diagnosis by developing and producing high-quality serological and molecular products and providing fast and reliable service to our customers around the globe. Having implemented a quality management system according to ISO9001:2008, our staff is committed in maintaining and improving our already high quality standards, regarding the development and production of ELISA reagents, the LOEWE®FAST test series, our immuno fluorescence and molecular diagnostic reagents. Through collaboration with scientists in national and international projects, we are striving towards introducing new technologies and innovative tools into our portfolio, especially in the emerging field of molecular diagnostics.

Role and participation in the project

As SME partner, LOEWE®‘s role in the project is to exploit the results commercially, by bringing to the market validated tests. It will contribute by involvement in the creation of a policy board of important stakeholders and communication and dissemination of project results between actors (WP6, WP7). In addition it will work on market exploitation strategies through market analysis (WP4), training sessions and developing a quality label with other commercial partners for validated tests (WP7). Moreover the company will be involved in test performance studies for relevant pathogens (WP1).


Renate LOEWE

Renate LOEWE is the owner and CEO of LOEWE Biochemica. After 16 years in science and commerce, she founded LOEWE® Biochemica in 1988 as an independent, privately owned company. She built up a comprehensive repertoire of serological reagents for the detection of plant pathogens (antisera for ELISA, Immuno fluorescence , LOEWE®FAST Lateral Flow Kits for on-site detection ) and molecular biological products (PCR reagents). With a scientific background in protein chemistry, biochemistry, botany, phytopathology, and immunology, her skills include antigen preparation, as well as product development and practical implementation and commercialization.


As Chief Executive of LOEWE Biochemica, she specialised in product development and practical implementation and commercialization of diagnostic assays for the detection of plant diseases. She started in 2004 as part of the company’s scientific team and has since steadily increased the range of products and implemented new innovations, like the LOEWEFAST rapid test series for the fast, on-site detection of pathogens. Authoring and Co-authoring more than 15 peer reviewed publications, she has expertise in the field of protein science, antigen preparation, as well as assay validation and quality management.

Natalie REIMER

Since 2011 she is part of the production and quality management team at LOEWE. As an engineer in biotechnology, she is focused on the production and validation of diagnostic assays for the detection of plant diseases, like ELISA and the LOEWEFAST rapid test series. For the Valitest project, her expertise will be applied during the test performance studies.

EU H2020
This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement n°773139.

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